0843 Numbers

0843 Numbers are an extension of the 0844 number, they are charged identically and were added as the number of remaining 0844s are getting low.

Both 0843 and 0844 numbers are non-geographic numbers that are forwarded on to a main geographic Number. There are several reasons a business will select an 0843 number;

  • They generate income on a per minute rate for every incoming call.
  • They are less popular than its almost identical counterpart (0844) and therefore finding a memorable number is both easier and cheaper
  • The number contains a plethora of options for the business to transfer the calls to different numbers without ever changing the non-geographical number behind it.

Call Charges to 0843 Numbers

It is difficult to clarify the exact cost of calling an 0843 number as they could belong in any of 17 of BT’s pricing bands, as a summary it is safe to assume the call charges will be no more than 7 pence per minute from a BT landline.

The table below shows the 17 price bands and their associated costs. This information is based on BT’s November 2011 Price Guide

To find the exact cost of 0843 calls you need to find the BT charging code for that specific number, and use the table https://aucasinosonline.com/ below (or the latest BT price guide) to ascertain the cost. Please note the table below only shows costs based on a day time call, further cost savings may be available for calls made during the evening or weekends.

  • ff29 – 5ppm
  • g10 – 3.062ppm
  • g11 – 4.084ppm
  • g12 – 6.126ppm
  • g16 – 2.041ppm
  • g17 – 3.062ppm
  • g18 – 4.033ppm
  • g19 – 4.033ppm
  • g20 – 5.052ppm
  • g22 – 0.509ppm
  • g24 – 5.106ppm*
  • g26 – 4.084ppm
  • g27 – 1.531ppm
  • g28 – 2.553ppm
  • g6 – 5.105ppm
  • g8 – 1.02ppm
  • g9 – 2.041ppm

*Call charges for G24 have a minimum call cost of 5.10 which is applied as soon as the call is connected. Subsequent costs as shown are applied after the first 60 seconds.

23 thoughts on “0843 Numbers

  1. These 0843 0844 and 0871 numbers should all be banned, they are all scam numbers, I for one refuse to call these revenue generating phone numbers!

    • Yes they should be banned. It’s just yet another thinly veiled way for businesses to rip off unsuspecting customers. I never use them either.
      In fact I’ve just informed a vehicle sales company(by email) that they lost a £3000 sale due to their 0843 number.
      I couldn’t even find an alternative for them from the saynoto0870 website.
      The car looked really good too, but I’m not going to deal with anyone who tries to screw extra pennies out of me by using cheap tricks like this.

  2. I agree these scamming numbers that are in addition to your phone bill, need to be banned. This is what comes of relaxed authorities, that are mostly on the side of large business and corporations and the mindless pursuit of profit, at the expense of service to the customer. Use Skype or get your self a ham radio license, then you chat as much as you like for free! :O)

  3. It is a customers’ choice whether they call them or not ! We give alternative numbers including 0800. There are many service providers offering free numbers and tools. For small businesses that work from home these are invaluable considering that many tradespeople divert thier home phone to a mobile. Depending upon connection this should take no longer than 7 seconds, but sometimes longer. Callers are so impatient, if they dont hear a ringing tone after the last digit is pressed, then invariably they will hang up and go elsewhere resulting in lost trade. With our 0843 provider, the caller gets an instant message confirming that the call is being passed to the next available person and then the music on hold. No buttons to press – no 1 for this and 2 for that, which we all find extremely annoying, just music on hold and then an instant ringing after the diversion has taken place. We do not receive an earned revenue from our provider, they take this for the free service. This is my personal view of 0843’s and as such they are a vey good range of numbers, BUT pick a provider with a quick connection otherwise you are back to sqaure one with diverts.

  4. Not very clear at all. The Ofcom web site states that call charges for 0843 numbers from a land line are between 1pence and 13pence per minute, that level of spread is disgusting and demonstrates that premium rate call charges are clearly out of control.

  5. I work in the motor trade and these 08 numbers are the bane of all in the trade as we are self-employed. Therefore, the charges incurred can not be reclaimed until we account for expenses on our yearly taxes.

    If you are as tired of these numbers and the outrageous charges incurred (especially from mobiles, as most self-employed must use) then you can find an alternative landline number at saynoto0870.com.

    I hope this of some help to everyone

  6. Good for you. Lobby your MP about it. This is all too typical of the unethical business practice which is establishing itself in the country today. I steer clear of all firms that use this system, it warns me as to the kind of shark infested firm they are.

  7. If you have an iphone get these 2 free apps: 08 wizard & 0800 to mobile. Have given me many numbers to call instead of using 0870 0844 etc.

  8. What a disgrace!

    To think that you charge your loyal customers money to sort out your company’s problems.

    Why do existing customers of a company phone in?

    They phone to sort out a problem caused by the company, or they phone them to upgrade a product – or buy a product..


    Out of necessity I sometimes have to phone an 083 number, but IF I had a choice I would never deal with such a company.
    sometimes choices are limited because of special needs.

  9. The latest scam seems to be for unscrupulous companies to call you from an 0843 number, but ring off very quickly (before you can answer), leaving you with a missed call on your phone. Then they hope that you call back to find out what’s going on… And hey presto, the cash rolls in. Scammers. Spread the word.

  10. AA breakdown are using 0843 no they are a con to rip you off make money for provider refuse to ring them do business else were should be illegal and the cost should be put next to phone no as warning rip of Britain phone company should not have been privatized

  11. Just a joke all by greed.most of us have min packs and home phone packs so all 01,02,03 and mobile in your min pack why the hell are 0800 on mobile,0870,0845,0843 even aloud to be outside your mobile or land line package.
    ofcom is not working for the majority so what happened to democracy

  12. Just spent 65 minutes in a queue (I was 3rd in the queue from the start ) just to change my address with Income Support agency. Baby needed his tea and was crying out, so had to ring off in the end. £3 plus down the drain, money I can ill afford .. and got to go go through it all over again. What an absolute SHAMBLES !!

  13. We have 0843 numbers attached to our business and they cost 4.2p per minute! It’s the 0870 number’s that you’ve got to look our for.

  14. All 804 numbers should be banned by our incompetent government which has many bsinessmen who will profit from these extortionate numbers. In some ways you could say it is an offence under the s. 15 of the Theft Act, obtaining money by false pretences i.e. hiding the cost ofthee calls. Most compaes do not tell you befoe you ring that there are going to be significant costs. In som cases they even charge an initial set up fee in addition to the call charges.
    Perhaps the CPS ought to consider a prosecution?!!??

  15. I am fed up with all business being tarred with the same brush, especially on this issue wherever comments are left on blogs and forums etc.

    From the other side of the fence:- .As a one-man business trying to make a modest income I would not be able to survive without a NG number, for the following reasons; One – the amount of valuable time consumed with dealing with time wasters, automated marketing calls and so on; Two – customers not being able to contact me on 01 numbers (only being able to leave messages), when I am out of the workplace visiting local clients and trips to wholesalers, stationers etc.

    I did originally use a 0871 to discourage time wasters… but always gave the 01 number to regular customers and made the offer to ring the customer straight back. I have NEVER had a revenue payout in the 4 years or more of having the number, as the level (100 GBP) that the service provider requires, will probably take me about 10 years to reach with my low volume of incoming calls.

    As for 084 ranges which I am now setting up, in my case there will be no payout BUT my callers will be able to interact through a switch board type environment giving a better chance that they will connected to me first time via re-routing service to alternate land lines and mobile numbers.

    Finally considering from what I see where people waste money left right and center on other fancy materialistic items and services, it really frustrates me that many individuals balk at paying around 5p per minute ( for 084*) or 10p per minute for 0871 to engage with businesses or people to place orders or obtain (sometimes valuable) information.

    What is really needed, is not to ban these services but to screen any business or individual BEFORE they are allowed to purchase one of these non geographic numbers. This would possibly help greatly to eliminate those that abuse the services for profit only!

    Please think of us small to medium businesses next time you want to make a negative comment… if you want to paint us please don’t use tar 😉

    • So why don’t you just have a number with voice mail, then all you have to do is ring people back I have a business that needs customers and I ring them back. I don’t understand your logic, if you can’t answer the phone due to being with clients then you can’t answer it, non geographical numbers are negative for businesses as a lot of people just refuse to ring them or answer them.

    • Maybe, but tar sticks.

      But why would a company want to discontinue its geo number and have a recording to tell me to ring its premium rate sales number if they value my business – unless of course my business isn’t worth having.

      The idea of NG numbering was good, but wrecked by the charges. The 0300 range are NGeo numbers and they come out of my minutes plan – no more £5 bills here when I ring an 0300 number.

  16. I just checked my BT bill and saw a charge for an 0843 number on my “Unlimited Anytime Plan”.. I checked it out, Tesco’s had messed up my on-line order and I had needed to call their head office, and that had cost me 64p! Well I suppose it’s not cheap to stable all those horses and EVERY LITTLE HELPS!

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